De belangrijke rol van de landbouw in de transitie naar 100% groen.

Welke rol spelen agrariërs in de levering van duurzame energie? Zelfvoorzienend zijn is één, maar kunnen zij ook als producent van duurzame energie een voorname rol gaan spelen? De mogelijkheden zijn er zeker, echter moet er wel steun komen wanneer men deze rol ziet weggelegd voor de gemiddelde landbouwer. Naar schatting leverde de agrarische sector […]


The essential role of agriculture in the transition to 100% green.

What role do agriculturists or farmers play in the supply of sustainable energy? Being self-sufficient is one thing, but can they also play a major role as a producer of sustainable energy? The possibilities are available, but support must be provided when the average agriculturists has to become an energy supplier. It is estimated that […]

wind and sun

Solar and Wind energy, the perfect match

Combining wind and solar energy, the big picture Solar panels are very popular and are becoming cheaper by the day. Not only are they easy to place on roofs or vacant pieces of land, they are one of the least intrusive renewable technologies available on the market at the moment. When placed on top of […]


Community Microgrids – the hard return on soft factors

A microgrid is a complex technical system. Good technical engineering is of great importance in developing a project as well as financial engineering. After all, financing methods and interpretation of the proposition (buying, renting or a PPA) determine the feasibility of funding. These are the main hard factors of executing developing a facility on land. […]

BLOG 210912 – Feed In – Italy

Wind in Italy: A Window of Opportunity

A beautiful country well known for its automotive and design industry, a land with great industrial tradition, of course we are talking about Italy.

What is underexposed is Italy’s commitment to develop renewable energy projects. There have been many renewable initiatives over the last decades, whereof most of them relate to solar pv projects […]

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Why and How Microgrids prevent ‘the big hidden losses’

In the last few years we faced extreme weather conditions and a growing number of storms and hurricanes. This change has a big impact on ‘daily life’ and more specifically, the energy supply. The number of grid failures is growing and a big group of experts is developing solutions. One solution is […]

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Community Funding, the perfect way to launch local and renewable energy-projects in The Netherlands. 


WES developed a carefree renewable program


WES attending Wind fair Hamburg


Off Grid Test Center on the Afsluitdijk