In-Board Hoisting Crane

WES turbines can be equipped with an in-board-hoisting-crane. The in-board-hoisting-crane makes it possible to lower the rotor without a external crane. This is handy when a rotor has to be lowered on short notice or when it is complex and takes too long for a external crane to arrive. The rotor can be secured to protect it against hurricanes or typhoons for example.

It takes about 8 hours to lower the rotor when needed. The rotor is lowered with an electrical winch, placed near the turbine. When the winch is not used it can be stored in a shed, for example in the same shed where the control cabinet is placed. Supports are placed at the base of the tower to hold the rotor once it is on the ground.

The in-board-hoisting-crane feature combined with the unique wind/diesel behavior of WES turbines make WES turbines the ideal fit for islands.

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