How we work

To set up the wind energy projects, we strive to create partnerships in regions where people are seeking for sustainable wind energy solutions.

Whether the challenge is producing more energy on your farmland or generating wind energy on your off-grid holiday resort, we as a team will help you identify customized solutions in choosing your fitting WES turbine.

Business case assessment criteria

  • Wind speed
  • Terrain
  • Equipment access
  • Grid connection
  • Geological issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Land use
  • Public acceptance

wind speed

wind turbine noise

Tests and types of equipment

Once a site is finalized, the very next steps are as below

  • Check road access for crane and lorry
  • Proximity to the nearest line
  • The voltage level of nearest line
  • Line capacity and substation proximity
  • Wind turbines acoustics
  • Sound level
  • Effect several turbines
  • Noise studies for WES turbines

Designing Foundation

Once the primary and key tests go positive, as a next step we start the building the foundation. At this step below points are key

  • Wind turbine type
  • Tower height
  • Local soil condition
  • Groundwater level
  • Local regulations
  • Temperatures
  • Quality of available concrete aggregates
  • Seismicity


  • Side access
  • Crane availability
  • Hoisting plan
  • Tools
  • Man Power
  • Control room

Interested to learn more about the WES project development process or would like to talk to an expert?

wes foundation