WES helps you to become power independent

WES has been working in the small and medium wind turbines domain for last 30 years. As a strong player in the on-shore wind energy project, WES has developed unique solutions and value propositions for customers operating in below domains-

  • Agriculture & farming,
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Islands and remote locations
  • Utilities with small grids
  • Industries
  • Agricultural companies
  • Small communities
  • Project developers
  • (Local) governments
  • Investors
  • Companies with the green attitude
  • Microgrid
  • DC off-grids

wind project locations

Location Matters

For a successful wind power project, location and below criteria are key.

  • Wind speed
  • Terrain
  • Equipment access
  • Grid connection
  • Geological issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Land use
  • Public acceptance

Distributed Power Generation

WES turbines and power solutions are suitable for below scenarios

  • Mini-grids
  • Unstable grids
  • Off-grid locations
  • Standalone
  • Fed by diesel generators
  • Rural areas
  • Remote islands (Island grids)
  • Emerging markets

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