• YES! The Volksmolen is celebrating its 1-year anniversary!

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YES! The Volksmolen is celebrating its 1-year anniversary!

On November 1st, 2020 the Volksmolen was spinning for exactly 1 year. Looking back at this year, we can say with certainty that it was very successful!

A community funded turbine, how does it work?

The WES turbine on Wind farm Zijpe (located in North-Holland) is realized by community participation project ‘Postalcode Rose Scheme’ (PCR). This ‘Incentive Programme’ makes it possible to replace an old existing wind turbine by a new one, funded by private individuals, companies and foundations in the immediate vicinity (a specific postal ode area).

The participants invest by purchasing a ‘wind share’ for which they receive an exemption on the energy tax on electricity for the next 15 years. This means that for each ‘kWh consumed’ one member will easily safe 50% on their annual energy bill. The Volksmolen cooperative consists of 56 members, the majority of whom are citizens plus a few companies that also decided to participate.

20 percent more than forecasted

The new WES wind turbine, which has now been operational for 1 year, was forecasted to have an annual production of 180.000 kWh. Due to a number of very good wind months and a reliable and solid turbine technology, the new WES turbine has produced 215.000 kWh after 1 year.

Environmental profit

Compared to generating electricity in a non-sustainable power plant, we have saved more than 72 tons of CO2 with our Volksmolen Zijpe (72,343.59 kg CO2)!

For the entire production year, this is equal to the emissions of approximately 618,321 car kilometers

Per ‘wind share’, this amounts to approximately 103 kilograms of CO2, equal to more than 808 car kilometers with an emission of 117 grams/km (average emission of new cars in 2020).

Generated locally to benefit locally

Because the turbine has produced 20% more than estimated, all members of the cooperative also receive a 20% ‘extra’ exemption on their energy tax. Due to all Corona measures, a ‘physical’ party on location is unfortunately not feasible, but this extra benefit is certainly worth mentioning.

De Volksmolen is a prime example of a small wind turbine project from which the local community can benefit. Generate renewable energy locally and financially benefit from it as a community; de Volksmolen in a nutshell!