Sihanoukville is located on the coast of Cambodia, about halfway between Thailand and Vietnam, in the Bay of Thailand.

Tourism is growing in and around Sihanoukville. This growth is one of the reasons why the Sihanoukville port is growing and has an increased demand for electricity. Before the WES250 was installed, diesel generators generated all electricity for the Port of Sihanoukville.

The WES250 is installed on a 39 meter tower on a quay in the port. The WES250 is connected in a hybrid configuration and will reduce the fuel consumption of the isolated harbour grid. The installation team and the crane that was used for the installation had to come from Thailand.

This project is an initiative from the European community and Flanders International Technical Agency ( FITA ), a part of the Belgium government.

Yearly energy production: 300.000 kWh  / year

This particular project consists of:

  • Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  • Year of installation: 2009
  • Number of turbines: 1
  • Type of grid connection: Hybrid
  • Turbine type: WES250
  • Tower type: Tubular
  • Tower height: 39 meter

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