Step 1: Orientation

Interested in wind energy generation? Together with our partners in the sustainable energy business we will consider wind, water, solar and storage options and search for the best combination for your situation.

Step 2: Gathering Information

Gather all the information about the customer’s energy demand and natural circumstances. What kind of energy is required: only electricity? How big is the total energy demand? How are the wind speeds? What is the turbulent intensity? What are the possibility’s at the turbine site?

Step 3: Choose your energy solution

What Wind Energy Solution suits your location? You might need an installation with only a wind turbine or wind in combination with tidal and solar power as well. We will look for both economically and technically the best solution.

Step 4: Finance Engineering

Together with you, we will engineer the best financial plan. Do you want to finance the project yourself? Or maybe you want our financial partners to (partly) finance the turbine. Or maybe is local crowdfunding or leasing the way to go!

Step 5: Planning and Permission

The project will be planned by WES in high detail. We will plan the construction of the wind turbine and we will help you to get the right permissions.

Step 6: Construction

First of all, the site will be prepared for the installation of a wind turbine: The planned civil works will be executed. The turbine will be assembled and the electric works will be done. After the WES machine is tested and commissioned the turbine will be ready for years and years of operation.

Step 7: Maintenance

It is very (very!) important for any wind turbine to be maintained well. A wind turbine is just like a car: when the mighty machine is not maintained well the day comes it just stops working. As a WES owner, you are very lucky your wind turbine is low on maintenance and easy to maintain. We can connect you to a local maintenance company or train your own staff to maintain the wind turbine their self.

Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us!