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New Future for small and medium size wind turbines in Belgium!

‘More wind turbines in a shorter period of time’, those were the main principles in the ‘Windpower 2020’ wind plan by Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein and his colleague Joke Schauvliege from the department ‘Environment (CD&V)’. Steps have already been taken to remove a number of obstacles for the construction of wind turbines. Minister […]

Solar and Wind energy, the perfect match

Combining wind and solar energy, the big picture Solar panels are very popular and are becoming cheaper by the day. Not only are they easy to place on roofs or vacant pieces of land, they are one of the least intrusive renewable technologies available on the market at the moment. When placed on top of […]

Wind in Italy: A Window of Opportunity

A beautiful country well known for its automotive and design industry, a land with great industrial tradition, of course we are talking about Italy.

What is underexposed is Italy’s commitment to develop renewable energy projects. There have been many renewable initiatives over the last decades, whereof most of them relate to solar pv projects […]

10 surprising wind power facts

How many of these facts do you know already? A natural resource with huge potential: Wind power usage is growing rapidly and will play a huge role in our future. But how much do you know about wind power? We provide a rundown of some interesting, and possibly surprising, facts. Do you know all of […]