Why WES as your wind energy partner?

WES has been working in the small and medium wind turbines domain for last 30 years. As a strong player in the on-shore wind energy project, WES has developed unique solutions and value propositions for customers in the area of agriculture& farming, hotels & resorts, commercial and public/govt. bodies,

Few key benefits of working with WES-

  • A complete business case and financial analysis
  • Understanding of the relevant policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Patented solutions- WES Hybrid
  • World class partners for tool and spare parts
  • Low costs and local level maintenance support and training
  • 3o+ year’s proven technology experience
  • More than 1,000 units installed worldwide
  • Grid-connected and off-grid installations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Off the shelf key-components
  • Efficient power curve


WES-Hybrid solution

WES hybrid solutions

With WES hybrid solution integrate the most appropriate energy sources with storage and incorporate smart control technology to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize reliability. It helps you to seamlessly manage multiple power sources and storage in a modularly expandable offering

The benefits of  WES hybrid solution-

  • Hybrid systems with sun and energy storage
  • Hybrid systems with diesel gen-sets
  • Using proven technologies
  • High renewable energy generation > 80% up to 100%
  • Easy to install on hard to reach places
  • Meeting all today’s grid connection requirements
  • Inverter-based technology
  • Pitch regulated turbines

Stable and low cost of power

WES wind turbines produce energy all year round and are a reliable income source which ensures the low cost of power.

Our renewable energy solution is based on:

  • Financial engineering
  • Social engineering
  • Technical engineering

Cut the cost on diesel

  • 1 L diesel = 36 MJ/l = 10 kWh/l
  • Efficiency of diesel gen-set = 30%
  • 1 L diesel = 3 kWh efficient
  • 1 L diesel = € 1,-
  • 1 kWh = € 0,33
  • 1 x WES80 at 18m tower producing about: 200.000 kWh/year
  • 1 x WES80 at 18m tower is saving about:  65.000 l/year

Low-cost maintenance and support

  • Training on location
  • Video Learning system (2017 ‘live’)
  • Scada Monitoring
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Maintenance results monitoring
  • Sharing information about the towers
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Local production of the towers

Ready to learn more about WES projects or want to talk a WES expert?