Why WES as your wind energy partner?

WES has been working in the small and medium wind turbines domain for last 30 years. As a strong player in the on-shore wind energy project, WES has developed unique solutions and value propositions for customers in the area of agriculture& farming, hotels & resorts, commercial and public/govt. bodies,

Few key benefits of working with WES-

  • A complete business case and financial analysis
  • Understanding of the relevant policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Patented solutions- WES Hybrid
  • World class partners for tool and spare parts
  • Low costs and local level maintenance support and training
  • 3o+ year’s proven technology experience
  • More than 1,000 units installed worldwide
  • Grid-connected and off-grid installations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Off the shelf key-components
  • Efficient power curve