Sjoerd Overpelt

Project Developer

‘Sustainable solutions for every project, every client, that is my goal’

As a project developer, Sjoerd is focusing primarily on the market in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Greece and various (exotic) destinations. He is contacting a great diversity of people: farmers, cooperatives, industrial companies and local project developers. In addition to (current) digital contacts, he mostly likes personal contact, therefore he is traveling to the most beautiful places around the world. In addition to developing new projects, Sjoerd is also an important accountmanager for our partners, installation partners and certainly also our existing customers.

Do you want to know more about Sjoerd? You can read it in his blog.

Together with end customers or local developers, I am looking for sustainable energy solutions using wind energy. My goal is to make the world a bit greener! I do not only propagate this sustainability externally, but I deploy it internally by supervising, for example, interns, thereby safeguarding our sustainable knowledge, vision and drive for the future.