Peter Leenders

Project manager

‘Working on a sustainable energy supply is the highest priority for society and industry’

My whole working life, I have been active as a trainer, consultant and project manager for the improvement of operational processes in various industrial branches. I have always applied the methods and techniques necessary for this in a pragmatic and goal-oriented way to achieve the best results for my clients. In chronological order this concerns: industrial statistics, quality management, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Quick Response Manufacturing. Achieving small improvements on a daily basis and sometimes major innovative breakthroughs together with employees has always been my motivation.

“At WES, I can apply my more than 35 years of experience with Operational Excellence in various industrial branches in building the supply chain for the wind turbines that WES will produce and build in Italy in the coming years. Ultimately, this should result in an operational process based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Quick Response Manufacturing, with short lead times and localized production close to the market.”