Mike Groot

Business Controller

‘Sustainable in terms of lifetime, and in terms of green energy’

After gaining experience in other industries, Mike joined WES in 2017 as a controller. Mike thinks the great thing about the WES turbines is that the turbines have a more than proved technology. There is no wind turbine that produces green energy that long. Turbines with the WES technology have been running for more than 30 years, so both sustainable by generating green electricity and in terms of lifespan. In other words, doubly sustainable. Win-Win!

Financial control is mostly working with results and money from the past. My passion is more than that, I like to watch forward. This provides the necessary variation, which makes my work enjoyable and it brings a challenge. I am advising the directors on daily and strategic challenges on financially, organizationally and within the developments in the markets. One of the most important parts of my job is calculating and modeling business cases, which makes the feasibility of projects clear.