Nenad Mitosevic – Matter of choice: renewable energy

This week alone, I’ve learned about two major energy consumers switching to renewable energy sources. First was the decision of Dutch Railways to switch to wind energy as its main power source. Just a day later I learned that city of Las Vegas also made a move to make sure that all energy for which the city foots the bill comes from renewable energy sources. The new reality is that 438 million passengers making 17.1 billion passenger miles in the Netherlands will move around in a totally sustainable manner. Also it is encouraging to hear that the city well known for its energy needs for lighting is turning towards renewable energy. It is true that energy needs of Las Vegas are met by fossil fuels, but the move of the local government and weight of the statement is significant as motivation for others to follow. Common denominator in both cases was the choice for change.

Responsibility to help others make such choice lies with those already working and financing renewable energy. Questions like costs, reliability, comfort and environmental impact have to be answered for the choices to be made easier and with a greater peace of mind. Full information and bit of understanding goes a long way in this field, before it becomes common sense and mainstream thinking. I would encourage you to ask questions and get to know more about how renewable energy can be integrated in your work and life without sacrificing costs, comfort or reliability. Take your time to think it through and make a sustainable choice.

Hopefully next year we will see more such headline-making decisions!

Nenad Mitosovic

Project Manager at Wind Energy Solutions

Director at SUN Energy Balkan

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3 January 2017

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