11 Reasons for wind energy (2/3)

4. Wind turbines make us independent

We all want to be independent energy wise. This is possible. According to scientists, wind turbines can supply the entire world with energy. This is however only in theory, and in practice, we need to make combinations between different sorts of renewable sources to achieve this.

In all plans for energy supply in the future, whether they come from Shell or the International Energy Agency of Greenpeace, wind energy is one of the prime energy suppliers. But not only big corporations are investing in renewable power, everyday people are also choosing their own renewable energy supplies, and are investing in solar and wind energy. Some people use this same technique to buy wind turbines, sharing the costs and the power.

5 Wind turbines provide jobs

According to a study made by consultancy bureau Ecofys, wind energy, both on land and in sea, provides ten times the amount of permanent jobs that a fossil power plant can! The study was issued by Greenpeace, and focused on the Dutch provinces Groningen and Friesland.


6. Wind turbines are recyclable

Because technology develops, new wind turbines are more nature-friendly than older models. Modern wind turbines can be recycled quite effectively, and leave very little waste , as a lot of the materials can be reused to construct other wind turbines. The only parts for which this doesn’t apply, are the rotor blades, as they are mostly made of fiberglass. They can be recycled, but not for wind turbine parts, and they are mostly used to make bollards. Currently, research is being done to see if it can be used for other purposes.


7. Wind turbines are not harmful for animals

The climate crisis is slowly chipping away at the life expectancy of several animals. The habitat of polar bears for example, is slowly but surely melting away, and that extra water is flooding the beaches where tortoises mate, drowning the infant tortoises. Wind turbines decrease the risks of climate change.

Birds do fly into the wind turbines occasionally, but the number of birds that are injured because of wind turbines pales in comparison to the amount of birds that die because of other sources of danger, such as traffic, cats or high-voltage cables.

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11 October 2016

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