Europe: A phenomenal start for wind energy in 2019

Mid-March 2019, the milestone of more than 100 billion kWh of generated wind power was reached in Europe. This milestone was never reached this early in the year. Pertaining to the same period in 2018, that was an increase of 15%. The distribution between Onshore / offshore was respectively 90 billion kWh (88.7%) and 11.5 billion kWh (11.3%). It is expected that 400 billion kWh of 2019 wind energy will be produced in Europe. With regard to the production of wind power in the first two and a half months of 2019, Germany is the leader with 35.7 billion kWh, thermostat (11.9 kWh kWh), UK (8.1 billion kWh), France (8.1 billion kWh) and Italy (5.9 billion kWh). In 2018, 2,645 billion kWh of electricity was used in Europe. Of this, 362 billion kWh was wind power, of which 309 billion kWh onshore and 53 billion offshore kWh.
Source: Windbranche.de

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