The WES80 is a two bladed, high performance, reliable 80 kW midsize wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 18 meters with a new cover. The mechanical part of the WES80 is based on the original, proven design from 1983. For the electrical parts providing power conversion and control, the latest technology is used. WES80 turbines are manufactured and exported by WES in the Netherlands, and are sold, installed and maintained all over the world by a global network of certified and trained dealers.

The WES 80 is available with our elegant new cover.


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WES80 General

Supplier/manufacturerWES BV
Life expectancy20 years
MaintenanceTwice a year
Rated power80 kW
Cut in wind speed<3 m/sec. (6.7mph)
Cut out wind speed25 m/sec. (56mph)
Rated wind speed13 m/sec. (29mph)
Survival wind speed60 m/sec. (134mph)
Passive power regulationPitching (blade-angle adjustment)
Active power regulationFully variable back-to-back IGBT system
Noise emission at 8 m/s45dB(a) at 100m
Operating temperaturesFrom -20°C up to +40°C

WES80 Applied standards

Degree of protectionIP55
StandardsNEN1010 (electrical) EN50308 (safety) EN6096 (wind turbines) UL1741 (anti islanding) IIEC61346-2000 (cabinet)

WES80 Electrical

Grid voltage400V ±10%
Grid frequency50/60Hz ±3Hz
# Phases3 phase + neutral
Specific power315 W/m2
Converter typeBack-to-back IGBT converter

WES80 Blades

Number of blades2
Diameter17.9 m
Angle of the main shaft7° with horizontal
Swept area254 m2
SpeedVariable 60 -120 rotations per minute
Power regulationPassive pitching (blade-angle adjustment)
Min. blade-angle1
Flapping angle180 -164°
Blade length7,8 m
Weight (1 blade)100kg
Chord500 – 625mm

WES80 Gearbox

BrandSiemens (Flender)
Number of stages2
Weight820kg (incl. oil)

WES80 Generator

Nominal power83 kW
Number of poles4
Nominal voltage230/400 volt
FrequencyVariable: 40 - 80 Hz.
ProtectionIP 55

WES80 Tower

Number of sections3
Tower height18, 24, 30, 39m
MaterialHot dip galvanised steel
Location ladderExternal
Tower height31 m
MaterialHot dip galvanised steel
Location ladderExternal

WES80 Controller

Control byIPC (Beckhoff)
Remote monitoringYes
Data loggingOptional

WES80 Yaw-system

Yaw systemActive
Signal fromWind vane
Driven byElectro motor with worm-wheel reduction
Power yaw-motor0,55 kW
Yaw speed1,2°/sec.
Yaw bearingSingle ball bearing; externally geared (Rothe Erde)
Yaw-brakesConstant friction-brakes; 4 pcs.

WES80 Safety

First safety systemPassive blade pitching
Activated by:Rotor speed (110 rpm)
Second safety systemYawing out of the wind
Activated byRotor speed (>120 rpm)
Excessive vibrations
Failure anemometer or wind vane
Grid failure
Fault in yawing system
Blocking system
Rotor blocking systemPin in high speed shaft; for service purposes

WES80 Weights

Rotor incl. blades1.100 kg
Nacelle excluding rotor2.200 kg
Control cabinet400 kg
Tower7.820 kg (30 m. tower)

WES80 Material specifications

BladesCarbon and fibre glass reinforced epoxy
TowerSteel (hot dip galvanised)
FoundationConcrete Block with steel anchor


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