The WES32/100 is a two bladed, high performance, reliable midsize 100kW wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 32 meters.
The mechanical part of the WES32/100 is based on the original, proven design from 1983. For the electrical parts providing power conversion and control, the latest technology is used.
WES32/100 turbines are manufactured and exported by WES in the Netherlands, and are sold, installed and maintained all over the world by a global network of certified and trained dealers.


Energy Production 32-100
Power Curve 32-100


WES32/100 General

Supplier/manufacturerWES BV
Life expectancy25 years
MaintenanceTwice a year
Rated power100 kW
Cut in wind speed2 m/sec. (4.5mph)
Cut out wind speed16 m/sec. (36mph)
Rated wind speed9 m/sec. (20mph)
Survival wind speed60 m/sec. (134mph)
Passive power regulationPitching (blade-angle adjustment)
Active power regulationFully variable back-to-back IGBT system
Operating temperaturesFrom -20°C up to +40°C

WES32/100 Applied standards

Degree of protectionIP55
StandardsNEN1010 (electrical) NEN-EN50308 (safety) IEC61400 (wind turbines) UL1741 (anti islanding) NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1 (cabinet)

WES32/100 Electrical

Grid voltage400V ±10%
Grid frequency50/60Hz ±3Hz
# Phases3 phase + neutral
Specific power124 W/m2
Converter typeBack-to-back IGBT converter

WES32/100 Blades

Number of blades2
Diameter32 m
Swept area804 m2
Power regulationPassive pitching (blade-angle adjustment)

WES32/100 Gearbox

BrandSiemens (Flender)
Number of stages2
Weight1850kg (incl. oil)

WES32/100 Generator

Nominal power100 kW
Number of poles6
Nominal voltage230/400 volt
FrequencyVariable: 25 - 75 Hz.
ProtectionIP 55

WES32/100 Tower

Number of sections3 or 4
Tower height30m, 39m or 48m
MaterialPainted steel
Location ladderInternal

WES32/100 Controller

Control byIPC (Beckhoff)
Remote monitoringYes
Data loggingOptional

WES32/100 Yaw-system

Yaw systemActive
Signal fromWind vane
Driven byElectro motor with worm-wheel reduction
Power yaw-motor2x 1,5 kW
Yaw speed0,7°/sec.
Yaw bearingSingle ball bearing; externally geared (Rothe Erde)
Yaw-brakesConstant friction-brakes; 4 pcs.

WES32/100 Safety

First safety systemPassive blade pitching
activated by:rotor speed (70 rpm)
Second safety systemYawing out of the wind
activated byRotor speed (>90 rpm)
Excessive vibrations
Failure anemometer or wind vane
Grid failure
Fault in yawing system
Blocking system
Rotor blocking systemPin in high speed shaft; for service purposes

WES32/100 Weights

Rotor incl. blades3.600 kg
Nacelle excluding rotor7.100 kg
Control cabinet600 kg
Tower12.500 kg (30 m. tower)

WES32/100 Material specifications

BladesCarbon and fibre glass reinforced epoxy
TowerSteel (painted)
FoundationConcrete Block with steel anchor