St. Helena

Saint Helena is a remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean and is part of the British Overseas Territory. The island has a population of 4,255 people and measures about 16 by 8 kilometres (10 by 5 miles).

The St. Helena project started in 1998 when three Lagerway 18/80 turbines were intalled on the island.

In 2009 WES increased the number of turbines to a total of six by adding three WES80 80kW turbines.

In 2014 another six turbines doubled the wind capacity on the island of St. Helena to twelve wind turbines. Due to the good wind location the wind turbines will provide 20% of the energy on the island.

The St. Helena project make use of the patented WES Hybrid (Wind-Diesel) System, a system already applied on various locations all over the world.

Benefits for the region:

● Since 1998 when the first three turbines were installed, the use of electricity on the island has doubled.
● With the addition of 6 turbines in 2014 the target is to reach a wind penetration level of 25% or more.

This particular project consists of:

● 12 WES80 80kW wind turbines
● 6 Aging diesel generators
● 11 kV distribution network


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