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Upgrade your Lagerwey turbine with our new rotor

Suits on: LW15/75 & LW18/80 | New bearings


The rotor of the LAGERWEY 18/80 (LW 18/80) is provided with two blades and is characterised by the flexible (hinged) way of mounting the blades and the passive blade-angle adjustment. The possibility that the blades can hinge over a small angle has the advantage that the load on the construction in its entirety will be less. This way of mounting the blades is similar to the tittering hub construction but has the advantage that the blades can hinge independently. This allows a lighter construction.


WES80 rotor

Number of blades2
Diameter18 m
Angle of the main shaft70° with horizon
Swept area254 m2
Speedvariable 30 -120 rotations per minute
Power regulationPassive pitching (blade-angle adjustment
Min. blade-angle0.0°
Flapping angle180 - 1640

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Maarten Deutekom

Project Developer