Control Cabinet

Retrofit your turbine with new WES parts!

Control Cabinet

Especially designed for the Lagerwey wind turbines

Upgrade the LW 15/75 & LW 18/80 turbines

Full remote control and monitoring (SCADA)

Produces over 150.000 kWh per year by an average windspeed of 6 m/s


We supply new Control systems for existing LW15/75 and LW18/80 control cabinets.
Our WES80 Control cabinets are supplied with two IGBT back-to-back AC/DC/AC converters. The three- phase alternating current produced by the generator is transformed to a direct current (AC/DC conversion). This direct current is then converted back into an alternating current (DC/AC conversion). The last AC/DC conversion generates an AC current that fits perfectly into the public electricity grid.

Benefits of a new control cabinet

  • Lower flicker values, making it easier to supply power into the power grid.
  • Will drive the turbine better when the turbine has difficulties to start-up when the gearbox and generator are cold.
  • Supplies the turbine with an electric braking system.
  • Supplies the turbine with remote monitoring system via internet – PC and/or smart phone.
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts and components.
  • Guarantees a higher production.


WES80 Components

Voltage Controller
AC-DC-AC conversion (IGBT converters)
Beckhoff control PLC + operator panel
Grid filters
IPC based turbine controller with control panel
Remote diagnostic and management system via Ethernet TCP/IP
Rated Interface and back-up circuits CEI 0-21, power backup, electrical safety
Control circuits wind turbine orientation
Ventilation system and related control
Circuits for self-generating power in emergency
Power supply circuits and anti- condensation heating
Sensor management program: wind speed, wind direction, rotor rpm, yaw rotation
G59 certificate

Technical Specifications

Degree of protectionIP55
StandardsNEN1010 (electrical) NEN-EN50308 (safety) NEN-EN6096 (wind turbines) UL1741 (anti islanding) NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1 (cabinet)
Dimensions1.2m x 0,5m x 2.0m
Weight510 kg

Electrical Specifications

Grid voltage400V ±10%
Grid frequency50/60Hz ±3Hz
Phases3 phase + neutral
Specific power315 W/m2
Converter typeBack-to-back IGBT converter
Max Power80 kW

Top box in top of nacelle

Analog Input Terminal
Bus coupler
Digital Output Terminal
Digital Input Terminal
End Terminal
Incremental Encoder Interface

Wind Speed Sensor (Anemometer)

Model MW35
Support pole

Wind Direction Sensor (Wind Vane)

Model MW36
Support pole