Retrofit your turbine with new WES parts!

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Based on the proven Lagerwey design

Rotor diameter 15m & 18m

Suits on: LW15/75 & LW18/80


The blades are constructed from carbon-fibre reinforced epoxy. Due to this material composition the blades are light, strong and flexible. They have a taperwise form and a slightly twisted chord. The length is 7.8 metre. The blades are mounted by means of mounting plates and bolted to the pitch-shafts. This design has been tested thoroughly both under static and dynamic loads. Inside the blades is a copper wire netting provided which will protect the blades in case of a lightning attack.


LW18/80 Blades

LW15/75 Blades

Number of blades22
Diameter17.9 m15
Angle of the main shaft7° with horizontal7° with horizontal
Swept area254 m2254 m2
SpeedVariable 60 -120 rotations per minuteVariable 60 -120 rotations per minute
Power regulationPassive pitching (blade-angle adjustment)Passive pitching (blade-angle adjustment)
Min. blade-angle11
Flapping angle180 -164°180 -164°
Blade length7,8 m7,5 m
Weight (1 blade)100kg100kg
Chord500 – 625mm500 – 625mm
BladesCarbon and fibre glass reinforced epoxyCarbon and fibre glass reinforced epoxy