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Hurricane Dorian causes catastrophe on the Bahamas

We wish strength to all people involved in the situation on the Bahamas. We remember times like these on Peter Island that also was affected by two category 5 hurricanes, two years ago in 2017. An engineer of WES was doing maintenance on Peter Island that helps the resort to reach their sustainable goals, while […]

National Energy Globe Award Saint Helena 2019

WES National Winner of the Energy Globe Award Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha!

We are delighted to inform you that Wind Energy Solutions is the National Energy Globe Winner of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha! All national winners were announced in the framework of the World Environment Day on June 5, 2019. Our St. Helena project is now evaluated for the International Award of 2019 too. […]

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How many blades are best for wind energy production?

The vast majority of wind turbines currently being installed have three blades. Why not four? Or two? Or a lot more to catch as much wind as possible? The quick answer is that a two bladed wind turbine is already great for great efficiency. With two blades you need significantly less material, construction and maintenance […]


The sustainable and profitable path forward for owners of aging wind turbines

The wind energy sector is set for a development boom for the coming years. Nations around the world are gearing up for a substantial expansion in renewable energy to offset concerns over energy security and to meet strict environmental targets and timetables. When it comes to wind power most of the focus is being put […]

Agro PV

Land use efficiency dramatically increases through dual use

The joint project “Agrophotovoltaic – Efficient Land Use Resource” (APV-Resola) has been testing solar power production and agriculture, in an efficient way, on the same area for more than two years. Solar modules with an output of 194 kW were installed at a height of five meters above a 0.3-hectare field on Lake Constance (German: Bodensee). […]

Agro PV

Optimale efficiëntie, bij dubbele functie landbouwgrond

Het gezamenlijke project “Agro-fotovoltaïk – Efficiënte landbouwgrond” (APV-Resola) test zonne-energieproductie en landbouw op een efficiënte manier Deze test vindt momenteel al twee jaar plaats op hetzelfde stuk land, om de uitkomst op verschillende gewassen onder de zelfde omstandigheden goed te onderzoeken. Zonnepanelen met een vermogen van 194 kW zijn geïnstalleerd op een hoogte van vijf […]


Europe: A phenomenal start for wind energy in 2019

Mid-March 2019, the milestone of more than 100 billion kWh of generated wind power was reached in Europe. This milestone was never reached this early in the year. Pertaining to the same period in 2018, that was an increase of 15%. The distribution between Onshore / offshore was respectively 90 billion kWh (88.7%) and 11.5 […]


Power shortages in Dutch greenhouse horticulturists: Waiting another five years for a solution?

  Dozens of greenhouse horticulture businesses suffer from power shortages in their greenhouses. The demand for electricity from greenhouse horticulturists has risen exponentially in recent years. This makes that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) can’t always meet the demand. For example, there are farmers who do have a connection, but don’t always receive sufficient electricity.   […]

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Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy Systems

The fact that people start generating and sharing energy locally is not only a necessity to make the energy supply more sustainable, but also has the positive side effect of strengthening the cohesion in local communities.   Making your own decisions about energy generation The advantage of citizens’ initiatives to generate local energy is that […]


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