Wind energy for communities

Community services and utilities are very well within the reach of renewable energy. Public utilities and service can take advantage of low-cost power availability. WES works with communities, municipalities and Government bodies, interested in wind power project development.

WES community power program experience and exposure

In The Netherlands, WES is working with communities and local government bodies and has developed wind power project for the community. These projects are being developed with the participation of local people and collectively realize a visible and sustainable power project. WES has enabled local communities to work together in a profitable sustainable renewable program.

Few key benefits of working with WES-

  • A complete business case and financial analysis
  • Understanding of the relevant policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Technical expertise and more than 30 years of industry experience
  • Patented solutions- WES Hybrid
  • World class partners for tool and spare parts
  • Low cost and local level maintenance support and training


Ready to develop a wind power project for communities and utilities?