WES developed a carefree renewable program

How WES enables local communities to work together in a profitable sustainable renewable program

The WINDpostcoderoos is an initiative where everyone located within or bordering the postal code region where the wind turbine is located can invest in realizing a new wind turbine. With an average return of 5% over 15 years, it makes for quite a profitable deal for local communities. The average return of 5%, coupled with the low contribution range of €250 to €1500 per household, makes investing in wind turbines an attractive option, for companies and businesses, but also for consumers and communities.

In other words, it is a collective local investment for a profitable renewable project.

While this previously only applied to solar panels, WES (Wind Energy Solutions), together with Greenchoice have taken the initiative, and applied the concept to wind turbines.

The WINDpostcoderoos will mainly be used to replace old turbines that are underperforming. While many would agree that investing in renewable energy is good, most people simply don’t have the money or knowledge to make it happen. By taking on a significant amount of the administrative and logistical work, WES and Greenchoice make it easier for local communities to successfully implement profitable and renewable wind energy projects. Some of these efforts include providing investment opportunities for everyone in the community and setting up cooperation between the investors, thus forming connections in the process, but also taking care of the administrative organization,. As maintenance is part of the WES carefree program, WES will create a maintenance plan for the new wind turbine, which includes preventive maintenance performed by WES without any additional costs.

In short, the WINDpostcoderoos stimulates local, profitable, cooperative, socially and environmentally sustainable investments in renewable energy.

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17 October, 2016

Wind Energy Solutions, Spanbroek

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