The world on lockdown?

John in Burgerbrug – v2 kopie

We find ourself in odd times during this Covid-19 pandemic . The world is turned upside down: Social distance, hygiene, travel restrictions and so on. There is no country without Corona restrictions. I would like to share with you how we deal with this situation at WES, and how I deal with this situation personally.

What are the effects for our company?

For Wind Energy Solutions, the lockdown means that we are not traveling anymore, no more personal visits. We are now focusing on our current and future projects. How? Simply, through the possibilities of the digital channels: E-mail, Skype, and Microsoft teams. Given our global operations, these are no unfamiliar tools for us. Temporarily, there will be no personal contact. For now, we will conform to digital contact only.

What are the effects on the market?

Now is the time to reflect on how we interact with the world. Think about your energy consumption, how much do you consume, how much do you purchase, do you generate energy yourself? Consider the opportunities of saving on your electricity bill, by lowering your energy consumption, purchasing more renewables and generating more yourself.

This can be done alone or in cooperation with others. Does a small, medium wind turbine fit in your company or energy consumption profile? See what the opportunities are on our website or contact one of our project developers by calling +31(0)226 425 150.

Keep looking forward

I will use this period to maintain fit by exercising outside because my indoor-volleyball season, like every other sport, has come to an end prematurely.

To keep fit, I get on my bicycle and enjoy the spring nature of the Netherlands. Past Sunday, I cycled through the Kennemerwind-windfarm in Burgerbrug, a small town near Alkmaar. The WES turbines on this windfarm are realised by community based finance projects. Besides enjoying the spring nature, it was also very satisfying to see our turbines at work.  After all, the world is on lock, but the production of renewable energy thrives.

It is important that we all keep our heads up and stay positive in these challenging times. Do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you.

Best, renewable, regards,

John Braakman

+31(0)226 425 150