Off Grid Test Center on the Afsluitdijk

WES is the proud supplier for a wind turbine on the Afsluitdijk. Read the press article below to learn more about this beautiful project of our partner: Mpower.

The Press Article:

On the Afsluitdijk near Den Oever, a test centre will be built in order to test independent, sustainable energy networks, called Off Grid Energy Systems. These entirely independently operating energy networks can generate their own electricity, store it, and deliver electricity 24/7 365 days a year. With the help of wind, solar, water and storage, a sustainable and affordable alternative is being designed for areas and islands that do not have a connection to the electricity grid. The test Centre is being realised by the consortium of MPower.

Off Grid Test Centre (OGTC)

Joined research is being carried out in the OGTC, and several different systems are being tested. Four renewable energy technologies, wind, solar, water and storage form the sources with which the Test Centre can run tests in various different setups. The Test Centre combines these sources into reliable systems for clients. The goal is to develop independently working and renewable alternatives for locations that are not connected to the public grid. The energy systems are alternatives for diesel generators on islands and remote areas worldwide. Even in the Netherlands the system is being used, in locations like Texel or Monument on the Afsluitdijk.

Realisation of the Test Centre

The Test Centre (OGTC) is being realised by 130Renewables, recently renamed to MPower. MPower is a consortium between Wind Energy Solutions (WES), ZON Energie, Tocardo and battery suppliers.


For the realisation of the Test Centre a sum of € 933.675 has been made available from the Rijksbijdrage Regeling Ambities Afsluitdijk. The financing for MPower has hereby been fulfilled. The companies themselves will also contribute € 933.675.

Energy neutral Afsluitdijk

The project is part of the program called ‘De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk’ and contributes to the ambition of making the Afsluitdijk an innovative and energy neutral dike, with an international image. Other examples of recent innovations that contribute to this are Blue Energy and Current Energy.

De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk

De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk (the new Afsluitdijk) is a co-operation between the provinces of North-Holland, Fryslân and the municipalities Hollands Crown, Súdwest-Fryslân and Harlingen. Together, we are working on a renewed dike in the fields of renewable energy, ecology, recreation, tourism and spatial quality.
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September 20, 2016

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