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Power shortages in Dutch greenhouse horticulturists: Waiting another five years for a solution?

  Dozens of greenhouse horticulture businesses suffer from power shortages in their greenhouses. The demand for electricity from greenhouse horticulturists has risen exponentially in recent years. This makes that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) can’t always meet the demand. For example, there are farmers who do have a connection, but don’t always receive sufficient electricity.   […]

Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy Systems

The fact that people start generating and sharing energy locally is not only a necessity to make the energy supply more sustainable, but also has the positive side effect of strengthening the cohesion in local communities.   Making your own decisions about energy generation The advantage of citizens’ initiatives to generate local energy is that […]

Corporate investments in clean energy exploded!

Corporations bought a record amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements, or PPAs, in 2018, published in the Corporate Energy Market Outlook report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF. The new record smashing the previous one set the year before. Around 13.4 Gigawatt of clean energy contracts were signed by 121 corporations across 21 […]

Community Microgrids – the hard return on soft factors

A microgrid is a complex technical system. Good technical engineering is of great importance in developing a project as well as financial engineering. After all, financing methods and interpretation of the proposition (buying, renting or a PPA) determine the feasibility of funding. These are the main hard factors of executing developing a facility on land. […]

A global retrospect on renewables 2018

The figures on clean energy have been presented by Bloomberg NEF. Over 300 billion dollars Last year, once again, more than 300 billion dollars have been invested worldwide in clean energy. Although the investments had decreased slightly, the generated energy from the projects were higher than ever before.In the field of wind energy, an increase […]